• Derek Buckley

Hello' me...Derek.

I want so badly to be able to use tech and social media to promote my music that I'm asking God to hurry up and bring me into musician adulthood...that and my wife is a technology coach and she laughed at me when I asked her what do people write about in a blog. So, here goes. I'm hoping to write a couple times a week about what's going on with my music, promote other local musicians I think are working their asses off and deserve notice and to highlight the very awesomest of businesses that are still booking live music for show, support and helping to grow Madison's music scene. I'm also hoping this makes me more disciplined to manage time better but that may be expecting a little too much. Anyway, this may be the start of a beautiful relationship, or you've only wasted 60 seconds that you can't get back. Still seems like a win-win or at least not as big a lose. Check back soon!

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